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Streamline Process and Improve Productivity

What is RPA and how does it work

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows you to automate repetitive, mundane, low value but high time-consuming or complex tasks. Using RPA we can program robots or as they call it BOTS to emulate and integrate the actions of human interactions across various systems and applications to execute business processes. These digital workers utilize the user interface to capture data and manipulate applications similar to humans. They interpret, trigger responses and communicate with other application systems in order to perform a variety of repetitive labour intensive or rule driven processes.

RPA is non-intrusive in nature and leverages the existing infrastructure without causing disruption to underlying systems, which would be difficult and costly to replace. With RPA, cost efficiency and compliance are a byproduct of the automation. Bots are capable of mimicking most human user actions by logging into applications, move files and folders, copy and paste data, fill in forms, extract structured and semi-structured data from documents, scrape browsers, and more.

Why implement RPA

  • Non invasive
  • Easy to deploy
  • Better accuracy and quality
  • Improved compliance
  • Super scalable
  • Increases speed and productivity
  • Enhanced levels of satisfaction
  • Transparent

Common RPA Use Cases

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Invoice Processing along with ERP update

Manual Invoice processing is not just tedious and time-consuming but also error prone. Incorrect invoice not only leads to rework, but also portrays a bad image and delays in processing payments. RPA can streamline the process of creating / updating invoice to maintain accuracy. Through invoice automation company can enhance efficiency, cash flows, and client relations.

GST Reconciliation

The current form of Indian GST recording where different vendors record the input credit at monthly or quarterly intervals, introduced a complexity of  credits in previous dates and there is substantial overhead to check the same. It is even more tedious if the supplier fails to submit or updates inaccurate data on the GST Portal. GST reconciliation includes downloading data filed by supplier from GST portal and comparing with the company’s purchase ledger for a particular period. RPA with streamlined process flow can easily reconcile two different sets of data. RPA can help enhance efficiency, highlight discrepancies, and calculate unclaimed Input tax credit.
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Policy Renewal Reminders

Insurance companies spend much more to acquire a new customer than to renew an existing one. As a result, Policy Renewals are of utmost importance. Timely reminders for renewal are the key. Any mistake or lapse lowers the renewal rates. RPA can overcome such challenges by ensuring renewal date is reviewed daily, and reminders are sent on time in a scalable fashion, without human intervention. It can help insurance companies to improve their renewal rates.

Customer Service MIS Report

Contact Center caters to multiple channels for handling customer grievances. RPA with well documented process flows ensures timely solution through real time reporting for ticket / service requests raised through their multi-channel platforms, allowing businesses to focus on certain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to evaluate data driven decisions.
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HR Recruitment Database Updation

Human Resources as a function involves various activities under its CoEs such as Talent Acquisition, Compensation and Benefits, Learning & Development etc, where huge volumes of employee data are often collected in Excel and updated in various portal / database. RPA can automate getting employee data from portal / document and pushing it in CMS database. Similarly, it can be used for other repetitive processes, which can help re-align human work force in doing more valuable tasks.

Industry wise RPA use cases

RPA use cases in Banking
  • KYC process
  • Credit / Loan processing
  • New Application processing
  • Compliance
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Account closure process
RPA use cases in Insurance
  • Updating user information – data management
  • Claims processing
  • New policy certificate issuance
  • Claims review
RPA use cases in Retail
  • Returns processing
  • Payroll processing
  • Customer support
  • Integration of POS data and inventory management
  • Accounting functions – invoicing, AP, AR, 
  • Consumer behaviour analysis
  • Work order management
RPA use cases in Healthcare
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Claims Processing and Billing
  • Inventory Management

Function wise RPA use cases


  • Purchase order Requisition 
  • Vendor Communication 
  • Invoice Processing 
  • Inventory Management (Raw materials)

Accounts / Finance

  • Accounts Payable 
  • Accounts Receivable 
  • Payroll Processing
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports to management


  • Invoice Generation 
  • Inventory Management (Finished Goods)
  • Payment Follow-up 


  • Paperwork for Onboarding / Offboarding activity 
  • Data Management 


  • Web integration would make it easy to monitor, access and update any changes 
  • Generate reports (Inventory, AP, AR & Pricing) 
  • Creating and updating records