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DataRobot Webinar

Fintech Companies have always had to make predictions. Be it evaluating the risks and rewards of making a particular business loan, for example, requires knowing the probability of a default.  Making these predictions traditionally required fintech companies to have deep knowledge of the borrower and their industry and extensive underwriting expertise.

Fintech companies can significantly speed up decisions and take subjectivity and bias out of the process with predictive analytics. By leveraging their data, fintech users have the potential to make better, faster decisions to grow their business, improve the client experience, manage risk, and meet regulatory requirements efficiently.

Key takeaways from this webinar:

  • Top Use cases for AI/ML in Fintech Industry
  • How Fintech Companies can fast-track AI/ML Projects
  • See DataRobot in action solving a real-life use case




Oct 28th 2020



16:00 – 17:00 IST





Thakur Raj Anand
Head Data Science Practice,



Amit Gadkari


Predoole Analytics

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For Innovative CXOs and data scientists looking to leverage data for competitive advantage, Predoole provides expertise bringing this data to life with BI, data integration, ELT/ETL, data warehousing/lake, AI/ML, RPA. Unlike traditional platforms which consume huge IT resources and give minimal value, we focus on empowering IT to help business innovate fast.