Predoole | Realtime BI/Operations BI – Enterprise transformation with Real time Alerts and Analytics

Get visibility into Operations in Real time

Traditionally, Business Intelligence software (BI) has been made for the senior management to assess the KPIs and keep control on the business. Leading the ship in the right direction, rightly so, has been the priority. However, in the digital world, customers have started to expect everything to be proactive and handled in real time. Smart Enterprises realize this is not a cost but an opportunity. Reducing cost of compute, storage and new technology has made access to high volume real time BI feasible with great ROI.


Traditional BI

  • Low volume data on KPIs relevant to Management

  • Structured data sources from Data warehouse or operational systems most companies implement

  • Objective is to steer company in right direction

  • Potentially self service to expose wider management team

Real time BI

  • High volume time sensitive data relevant to Operations and Management

  • Unstructured data sources such as logs from Operational Systems 

  • For Enterprises which thrive on Quality and Customer Service

  • Opportunity to reduce costs by avoiding bad delivery / fraudD

  • emocratization of BI with Field Operations empowered

Pharma Research and Manufacturing

Analysis of Log data in LIMS and manufacturing systems for improving the yield of process and making it more repeatable.


Search and aggregation of policy data and claims at high volume in real time which would otherwise need expensive data warehouses. This can be used to improve customer service by giving agents access to the most recent data in searchable fashion.

IoT Predictive Maintenance

Pumps and machinery with frequent or high cost breakdowns; vehicles generating large amounts of data.

Energy Saving

Identifying patterns and pointing anomalies from smart meter data straight to mobile in order to take action.

Online Delivery Apps - Operational Intelligence

Early warning and identification of issues at a local level for delivery apps which rely on great customer service with an ability to pinpoint the root cause of the event precisely. For eg. increase in delivery time or rerouting for congestion in a particular area. Identification of order surge. 


Operations such as courier or supply chains to analyze the value and cost in each step as well as alert on any variance to improve dependability.

How can Predoole empower you to delight your customers with Real time BI

Service quality is the crux of Digital Transformation success. Just like customers, internal stakeholders expect the same experience in Enterprise systems as they get from consumer websites. Monitoring response times, adjusting loading of systems, recognizing problems proactively and fixing them even before the stakeholders know them, is table stakes for enterprise system adoption. Lack of these will mean that your customers will keep dodging your system and effectively the ROI emanating from it. Predoole, with its monitoring ability and understanding of systems, alerts on problems early so that you can maintain the great experience that your users expect.

What are the considerations for a champion of Real time BI

Defining the value of operations data and aligning it with Enterprise goals. Most times businesses don’t even think it’s possible and there are ‘pleasant’ surprises when they see the data as information.

Identifying a Business Sponsor and setting expectations right – Often it is one thing to do a POC. But there are several aspects of robustness and organization which need to be considered for a deployment. Navigating that involves effort and time which should not be underestimated.

Right Technology and team – Both of them are essential as one without the other is useless. We would insist on having a contact, both from IT and business function as part of the team along with us.

Agile milestones in Sprints – Delivering and socializing the value has to be done in sprints with appropriate attention for each to maintain traction.

Hurrah! And you are ready to Transform your organization in a Data driven powerhouse!!

Predoole Expertise

Our expertise in Khika platform combining BI, IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning enables us to empower you to implement this cutting edge solution and derive value out of it.

The complexity under the hood is managed by our team, while your team gets a governed interface to derive value out of your existing data. Cleaning up data, putting it in the right framework and making it really simple for the end user is the heavy lifting we do.